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    Road Widener

    to fill any road shoulder

    • Optimum perfomance on grades by drive concept
    • Operation by one person
    • All wheel drive
    • All wheel steering

    technical data


Roadwidener to fill the Road shoulders

Our self-propelled banquet pavers has over 20 years experience in the use!

With the help of the side finisher different materials can be arranged one behind the other are introduced to widen roads or solidify. Some uses of the side finisher include the introduction of topsoil, topsoil-gravel mixture, gravel, lean concrete and asphalt.

The side road pavers in its standard design with a paving width of 2500 mm and a mounting depth of 350 mm below the road surface. The banquet paver is quickly ready for use.

The optimum performance of the side finisher is guaranteed by a productive drive concept even on rallies.

An engine power of 88 KW, all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering and fully adjustable mounting angle, and electro-hydraulic work functions guarantee successful operation by one person.

The modular design allows customer requirements easily turnovers.