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    Meadow boy

    For fast and efficient
    Removal of horse droppings

    • Protection of the grass hub
    • Hydraulic opening
    • fast without descending operation
    • Driving speed 12 km/hour




Meadow boy

The Meadow boy (Äppelboy) is designed for fast and efficient removal of horse droppings from the meadow. The construction of the Wiesenboy ensures that the grass hub is protected and the horse excrement is collected cleanly.

The emptying of the Wiesenboy is possible without descending! At least 1 double-acting control unit is required! The driving speed is approx. 12 km/hour. On the meadow the individual piles are approached, run over and taken up.

Weed weeding of the meadow is prevented by regular removal of the horse excrement. In this way, the usable pasture area is maintained throughout the year. To empty the Wiesenboy's the trailer is driven backwards to the dung heap.

The flap is opened hydraulically (without descending) and the trough of the Wiesenboy is dumped! This also requires no dismounting of the operator!

The advantage of our Wiesenboy's is the fast operation without descending operation. Even inexperienced drivers can quickly learn how to operate the Wiesenboy! Due to the construction with a sturdy tailgate, the contents of wheelbarrows can also be collected and easily emptied at the riding stable!

Technical data

Working width: 1100mm

Own weight 120 kg

Tyres 16 x 6.50 - 8

Connection to tractor via K50 (car trailer coupling)

Driving speed 12 km/hour

Capacity 400ltr.